From host to HOSTISSIMO!

Online Guest Guidebook for vacation
rental properties and rental agencies

Simple set up, secure and effective.

As the owner or manager of a vacation rental property you strive to offer your guests a consistently delightful experience. The interactive HOSTISSIMO Guest Guidebook orchestrates bookings and communications and gives your guests secure access to useful information about your property and location.

Ok, so why HOSTISSIMO?

Attracting bookings is only one aspect of managing your property

There is often sensitive as well as practical information about your property and leisure activities which are essential for a unique guest experience. So far printed manuals or books have done the job. HOSTISSIMO makes this information available online – your very own interactive Guidebook:

  • Easy to update and enhance from anywhere
  • Synchronization of your bookings from any OTA
  • Efficient guest communications
  • Greater guest satisfaction and better ratings will boost your bookings

Differentiate your property by providing your guests with a valuable and personalized resource from the beginning!

Take a tour of the Online Guidebook

This is what the Online Guidebook looks like for your guests

This is what the Online Guidebook looks like for the owner and manager

Managing Guest relations

A smooth arrival

  • Multi-lingual function via Google Translate
  • Upload videos,links and images
  • Interactive directions via Google Maps
  • Recommendations for points of interest, activities and entertainment
  • Tips for pre-trip planning and a video itinerary

During the stay

  • Comprehensive information and instructions about the property and use of appliances as well as useful contacts and emergency information
  • The Online Guidebook is accessible via any device
  • Multimedia enhanced presentation for a seamless guest experience


  • Easy and intuitive set up: upload of text, images or videos or links to other websites (restaurants or user manuals)
  • Bookings are managed manually or via synchronizing calendars from other portals such as Airbnb or HomeAway
  • A unique secure link to your Online Guidebook which expires after your guests’ departure
“My husband and I found the Travel & Guest Guide very useful with lots of interesting tips about restaurants and activities. Thanks to this information we were able to plan our stay easily and we chose where to go following the recommendations and suggestions. For members of my Italian family this would make their stay much easier because of the translation button."

Daniela Piro

Italy, guest
First time using this web portal I found it very easy to navigate to upload the information. My guests will have an easy resource to refer to.

Lisa L.

Germany, property owner
“Brilliant idea! With this interactive guide you know the essential practicalities about your holiday rental even before you arrive. No surprise, no stress. When arriving, just settle down, relax and enjoy your stay!”

Nathalie and Christophe C.

France, guests
"The Hostissimo Site was very useful! We found links to hiking routes as well as good restaurants nearby through the site. The video tutorials for changing the gas bottle was particularly handy - these are the sorts of things you want to get right the first time around"

Kjetil Nilsen

Norway, guest