The Hostissimo Guest Guidebook addresses several challenges you may be currently experiencing:

  • One single Guest Guidebook :

    If you market your property on several different platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway/ vrbo, booking and others) you may have to upload and maintain their respective Guest Guidebooks – On HOSTISSIMO you assemble all this information in one place without having to keep several platforms updated. It is the ultimate comprehensive and interactive resource for your guests, whichever platform they come from.

  • One single booking overview

    You are very likely to run a spreadsheet to ensure you have an overview of all your bookings in one place if you market your property on multiple platforms. HOSTISSIMO automatically pulls all synchronized bookings into one location – so you are always up to date and your spreadsheet becomes obsolete.

  • Seamless & secure guest communications:

    By providing a secure link to your Guest Guidebook - which expires after your guests’ departure - you ensure that sensitive and practical information is not shared with the general public. This includes the exact location of your property, access and wifi password. There is a wide range of information that guests will find useful to plan their holiday ahead of their journey and during their stay.

  • Translation into guests’ language

    If you have set up your Guest Guidebook in English but your guests’ first language is different, it may be very useful and easier for them to directly translate parts or all of the Guest Guidebook using the Google Translate function.

  • Competitive differentiation:

    What makes your property unique? Ensuring your guests have a consistently smooth and enjoyable stay is key. Finding the property can be a problem: why not create a video itinerary – not only does it take the stress out of your guests’ arrival experience – it can be a tremendous appetizer to show them a clip of the wonderful property that they will soon spend time in. During the stay there can be hiccups: one of your appliances fails, no one knows how to operate your various remote controls or one of your guests needs urgent medical help – in any of those cases it helps if guests can find this information easily and avoids call outs to you or your local agent. It is even more effective as it can be presented in an interactive way via:

    • a video which shows how to operate the appliance
    • a link to an appliance manual
    • google map directions from the property to the nearest Accident & Emergency facility